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Were you or someone you know seriously injured in a trucking accident?

Commercial trucking accidents are often very serious and come with some major implications. Injuries and expenses from these accidents can have a major impact on your life. Large commercial trucks cannot maneuver the same way as a regular automobile can as they are longer and much heavier. They are complex machines.

State traffic laws, federal trucking laws, and industry standards are comprehensive and, at times, confusing to the average person or even a lawyer without experience in this area. Traut Firm’s experienced trucking accident attorneys handle personal injuries cases resulting from large commercial trucks, including semi-trucks, delivery trucks, FedEx/UPS trucks, tow/repair trucks, and tractor-trailer trucks.

Let our attorneys determine who is at fault. Then, we can identify damages you are entitled to receive for your losses. These can include past and future medical bills, past and future wage loss, diminished capacity to work, rehabilitation costs, material damages caused by the accident, loss of consortium for spouses, property damage to your vehicle, and pain and suffering damages.

Commercial trucking accidents can have many causes, most which can have serious consequences.

Some of these causes are: 

  • Truck driver error. Studies show that drivers of large trucks are 10 times more likely to be the cause of trucking accidents rather than other factors such as weather or road conditions.
  • Poorly maintained or faulty equipment. By law, trucks must be inspected and maintained constantly. Trucks should not be driven unless they are properly and regularly maintained.
  • Driver distractions. Cellphone usage, sending text messages, gazing at scenery take the driver’s attention away from driving just long enough to lose control.
  • Impairment. Alcohol, certain over-the-counter drugs, and prescription medications are the main causes of impairment.
  • Speeding. Excessive speed is often a major contributing factor of serious truck accidents. Because of handling and braking limitations of trucks, there is just not enough time to react to sudden changes in their driving environment.
  • Fatigue. While trying to meet delivery deadlines, many truck drivers spend long periods behind the wheel. They need to stay awake and focused which has a serious reaction time to most drivers.
  • Following too closely. Another frequent cause of trucking accidents is from vehicles following too closely. Large trucks often can’t stop in time.

Injuries from trucking accidents can be extensive and quite serious. They often include broken bones, burns, and in some cases, death. While dealing with your medical treatment, rehabilitation, worrying about your family, and figuring out when you can return to work, the truck accident attorneys at Traut Firm will deal with insurance companies, conduct investigations of your accident, interview witnesses, and hire accident reconstruction experts.

Let Us Help You

Your injuries and monetary damages shouldn’t have a major impact on your daily routine, but if they do, make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. If you are living with a permanent injury from a trucking accident, such as burns, scarring, or chronic pain, we should talk. If you have lost a loved one, we should talk.

The complex elements and multiple parties often involved in trucking accidents can complicate the aftermath of an accident and will require an attorney who has experience in handling these types of cases. The only way to identify whether you are entitled to compensation is by calling us at (714) 759-5461 for a free consultation with one of our trucking accident attorneys to discuss your case.