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Drowning and SWIMMING POOL Accidents


Swimming pools pose a serious risk to children. So there are numerous regulations related to gates, locks, fencing, warning signs, circulation intake grates and diving boards.

If your child was severely injured or died in a tragic swimming pool incident, it may have been caused by a code violation. If so, you should prosecute a claim against the code violator to force compliance so another child is not injured or killed. The careless exposure of children to significant risk should not be tolerated by anyone, especially after the occurrence of a tragedy.

While life may never fully return to normal, it is possible to get compensation for your child’s injuries and medical care, if needed, which can help you both move forward with your lives. At the Traut Firm, James and Eric can help you receive compensation for any pool related injuries such as drowning, brain injury, and fractures caused by:

  • Missing gates and fences
  • Unlocked pool gates/defective gates
  • Missing or inadequate warning signs
  • Missing life-saving equipment
  • Diving accidents
  • Defectively designed pool drains and filters
  • Hot tub defects
  • Diving boards and slide hazards

Property owners who fail to ensure the safety of their swimming pools are legally obliged to pay the medical fees of children, who suffer injuries on their premises. The Traut Firm legal team can help you to recover this money from the culpable person.

Most pools are surrounded by a hard, slick ground. This can create a dangerous environment where various injuries, such as the ones listed below, could arise:

Injuries to the spinal cord are an all too common occurrence when swimming pools are unsafe. Children who dive into pools that are not deep enough to support diving boards can end up injuring their necks or heads.

Children can quickly drown if they not properly supervised while swimming. Over three-quarters of drowning, incidents involve people who go missing for under five minutes, before being discovered in the water. Even if the incident is not fatal, it can result in memory lapses, long-lasting disabilities, damaged motor skills, and learning problems.

The majority of children who hurt themselves by slipping over by the pool, do so because of surplus water around the poolside area. Pool owners are supposed to have concrete paving installed that reduces the chance of people losing their footing.

Some chemicals, such as chlorine, are vital to maintaining the swimming pool water. However, if too many of these chemicals are added, it can cause severe burns on children.

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