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Lawyers, like all humans, can make mistakes. There are legal malpractice cases happening on a daily basis around the country, so having a legal malpractice attorney is critical. So what exactly can a client do if they feel like they have a legal malpractice claim?

Suing another lawyer is not something a lot of lawyers enjoy doing. In fact, many shy away from it in general. With that being said, a client has the right to legal representation to try and recover all damages from a legal malpractice case.

Mistakes come in all shapes and sizes in the legal world, but this is subject to commit malpractice. Missing a deadline can result in simply a fine, or it can result in an entire case being dismissed. Perhaps a lawyer simply made a bunch of little mistakes during a case, resulting in a bad outcome when it should have been a win.

Whatever the case may be, legal malpractice is something every single person should look into if they feel like their lawyer did not hold up their end of the bargain. James Traut is one of the only attorneys in the area who has a specialization in these types of cases. From general incompetence to conflict of interest, Traut can examine the case from all angles before seeking full compensation for all damages.

If you have been harmed, financially or otherwise, through the professional negligence of a lawyer or law firm, attorney James Traut can help you hold the responsible party accountable and obtain full compensation for your damages. James is frequently retained to handle cases involving all types of legal malpractice, including:

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