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“Thanks to you and your staff’s countless hours of hard work, I can now have some peace and financial freedom.”

-Deanna Z.

Product liability case involving defective spinal implant hardware

“You’ve changed the whole direction of my life James. Being left permanently blind at 46 years old through no fault of my own was bad. When my former lawyer dropped the ball on my case, I figured it was over for me.”

-Brian D.

A legal malpractice case against a lawyer who mishandled a medical malpractice claim

“James, I thank not only you, but Taylor, Melissa and Alma for all the time and efforts pent on my case. The lifetime monthly annuity and cash purchase of our dream home means I no longer have to worry about my family’s financial security.”

-Wes B.

Premises liability case involving a fall through an unguarded skylight, resulting in permanent disability

“The trial was stressful, but the verdict was sweet. I now truly appreciate the skill and determination involved in effectively presenting a case to a jury. Thanks to you and your staff, James, my money worries are over. Now I need to get back to my undergraduate studies.”

-Brittany C.

A vehicle collision resulting in a disputed brain injury

“You were always there for us. We always felt your respect and your legitimate concern for our well being. Although you couldn’t reverse our tragedy, you got us all the justice possible in this world.”

-Janice R.

One of the family members in a wrongful death case arising from a construction site accident

“You have a good reason to always seem so confident, James. You know what needs to be done and you do it. I was always glad you and Taylor were on my side.”

-Charles C.

A legal malpractice case arising from a negligently prepared special needs trust

“James Traut and Taylor Traut were great to deal with. Will always go to the Traut Firm. Their Staff is amazing, Melissa, Venita, Alma, Karen were very helpful and friendly as well as professional. Jill Traut is always a pleasure to have contact with.”


Grateful to have hired Traut Firm

“the best legal team I have ever worked with!!! would highly recommend to anyone in need!”


“I hired the Pamela Liosi-Traut of the Traut Firm to handle my auto accident case. As an attorney myself, my expectation level was very high. I am very pleased with how my case was handled every step of the way. With Pamela’s legal expertise and easy going personality, backed by the excellent Traut Firm reputation, we achieved an excellent result. Thank you!”

-Margaret Morrissey-Elder

“I Had a auto accident in 1997 and again in 2009 both times I used Jr traut law firm.  Jr went above and beyond both times. When I had a issue that his firm did not deal with he gave me great referrals. For friends and family. When you have a accident and your frame of mind can get mixed up. He cares more for ur well being and recovery.  He helps you make the hard decision and is there for you at all times to make the whole process much easier.  Jr traut is quick to come to your defense and help you anyway he can. He is thourow and leave no detail unlooked. He takes great care with you looking out for your best interest and not his own.  I have bad experiences with other firms, where there just out for the money and don’t care what happens. Jr is no way this type of firm he treats you as if you we’re his own family. NOT Just another client or a dollar sign. I have been impressed several times with his services and proficialism. I have been recommending him to several other’s  over the years and everyone has thanked me for my recommendation. You our in great hands with Jr traut he will not disipoint and you will feel releaved when all is done the process is quick and painless”

-Sarah A.