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Getting a full and fair compensation to fire victims

A fire can start in mere seconds. If you’ve been involved in one, you probably already know how fires can change everything in a matter of minutes, leaving you with life-changing injuries or other damages that mean you’ll never be the same.

At the Traut Firm, we understand that people find it hard to believe they will ever encounter such a situation. With 64 years of combined experience, James and Eric have dedicated their careers to getting full and fair compensation for personal injury victims, including burn injury victims, victims of smoke inhalation and the surviving family members of people killed in fires.

Each case is different. From construction sites to factories and private homes, we handle cases involving electrical and gas explosions or fires that start because of many different factors, including:

  • Gas leaks
  • Natural gas leaks
  • Boiler explosions
  • Propane malfunctions
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Mismanagement of toxic/flammable chemicals
  • Defective machinery and equipment

There may be many different people or businesses responsible for contributing to the cause of an electrical fire or explosion. In many fires and explosions, the landowner or management is a contributor. The owners of adjacent land may also have some responsibility. Contractors, subcontractors, tenants, guests and the manufacturers of defective equipment have all been found responsible for causing tragic fires and explosions. They are rarely accidental.

When we accept your case, James or Eric will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts. We usually hire experts to inspect the scene and/or equipment, and reconstruct the explosion or fire. The experts can usually determine how the fire started and spread and can often pinpoint the exact cause. Expert testimony is always essential to proving the cause of the fire or explosion.

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