Accidents Caused by Defective Steps, Stairways and Handrails in Santa Ana

Building codes are at your side

So, for instance, you were seriously injured when you slipped and fell while descending a stairway in a commercial building. You figure that you must have misstepped, so it’s your fault. Maybe not.

There are very specific building codes that regulate commercial stairways to prevent injury. The rise and the run of each step must be uniform within a fraction of an inch and the location and dimensions of handrails must conform to code.

If an expert determines, for instance, that the rise or the run of the steps where you fell is not uniform and therefore not compliant with the code, we have a legal basis to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. There is a reason for the building regulations. They reduce the hazards created by nonuniform steps, which pose an unreasonable risk to users of misstepping and suffering an injury, just as you did at the time of your injury.

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The location, height, and dimensions of steps, railings, and surfaces in commercial and public areas are all regulated by building codes. If an expert determines that a condition that caused your injury violated the building code, that results in negligence “per se.” What that means is that the party responsible for the condition is “presumed to be negligent.” Call James or Eric about your situation at 714-835-7000. You can also contact us online. Consultations are free and confidential.

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