A Legal Malpractice Claim

Legal Malpractice Action

A legal malpractice claim means if a lawyer representing you has failed to record a crucial document or has failed to retain a qualified expert to prove an essential part of your legal malpractice case. As a result, you sustain harm. Is it worth legal malpractice action?

Lawyers are not required to be perfect, but they are required to be competent. In fact, competency is one of the first requirements in the Rules of Professional Conduct that govern lawyers. A lawyer who is not competent to handle a particular type of case is required to either become competent quickly, withdraw, or refer the matter to a qualified attorney.

If your lawyer caused you substantial harm through incompetence, James Traut at the Traut Firm will file a legal malpractice lawsuit on your behalf. By successfully prosecuting such a suit against the incompetent attorney, you can recoup your losses, through maybe legal malpractice damages or maybe even a settlement agreement.

Bringing such a claim can help you move forward. It might also deter the lawyer from harming someone else. James is dedicated to fighting lawyer incompetence. Lawyers who are incompetent damage the public’s perception of all attorneys, most of whom do their best to competently represent the interests of their clients.

Get Help Recouping Your Losses Caused By Lawyer Incompetence

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