Why Do Some Lawyers Get Higher Settlements For Their Clients?

Why Do Some Lawyers Get Higher Settlements For Their Clients?

Insurance companies are world-class data collectors and analyzers. They use complex algorithms to determine the cost of premiums for our insurance. They also use data and formulas and have elaborate programs that track prior settlements and trial judgments to place a value on any settlement offer on an injury or death case. The amount they offer will also be impacted by the lawyer representing the plaintiff. 

Carriers, and the attorneys they hire to represent their insureds, are familiar with the lawyers and law firms that handle injury cases exclusively and on a regular basis. They know the track record of these lawyers and law firms. They know which attorneys who always want to settle a case and those that are willing to try a case if the carrier hasn’t offered a reasonable settlement amount.  They also know who has achieved high jury verdicts in injury and death cases.

Insurance companies and the lawyers who defend them know we are not scared of jury trials. We routinely get policy limit offers for our clients. Insurance companies know we have a high chance of beating them at trial so they treat our clients more fairly than most. We see this happen when other attorneys who have not been successful at getting a reasonable settlement for their client then refers the case to our firm. We will accept cases with low offers or no offers from other attorneys after evaluating the case. In one recent case, where the referring attorney had a $10,000 offer, we took the case and settled it for $250,000.

The lawyer you choose to handle your case will greatly impact your recovery. You need to be aware of the attorney’s reputation, trial experience and success, and past outcomes before hiring a lawyer.

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