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So you or your child had a car accident in Santa Ana. As Santa Ana car accident attorneys with 64 years of combined experience, we have prosecuted thousands of truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and car accidents. We know how to maximize your results — and we know how to lessen your problems in the meantime.

Being involved in a car accident or a motor vehicle accident, at best, are no fun. At worst, car accidents are devastating. Most Santa Ana car accident lawyers know they fall somewhere in-between that spectrum and can prove disruptive to life as we know it. For this reason, it is critical to know what your next steps are in the eventuality that you or your loved ones find yourselves in the aftermath of an accident. This is particularly important if the accident has caused injury and bodily harm or even death.

Car Accidents – Important Next Steps

The first steps to take following a car accident is reporting the same and gathering as much information regarding the details as is possible at that time. Also, other incidents such as visiting the doctor, the doctor’s reports, and monies spent on dealing with issues related to the accident should be documented as best as possible for the personal injury claim.

In other words, take photos of the car accident, keep your receipts and relevant documents safely preserved for future use.
In the event that the car accident has resulted in you or your loved ones being injured, your next step is to seek legal counsel. Legal support can help ensure you get the representation you need in the face of potential litigation, as well as ensure you are adequately compensated for all the loss you’ve endured on account of the accident.

The amount of your compensation will be affected by several key factors: Are you getting proper treatment from top physicians? Does your attorney have the experience to investigate, litigate, and effectively prove liability and damages? Does he or she have the resources to hire appropriate experts to prove causation, lost earning capacity, future medical needs, or any other harm suffered by you? And most importantly, does your attorney have the determination and litigation skills to force a top-dollar settlement or, if necessary, obtain a large trial verdict?

We at the Traut Firm specializing in motor vehicle accidents have been maximizing compensation to clients like you for decades. It’s evident in our record of six- and seven-figure verdicts and settlements for people who have experienced a range of injuries:

  • Spinal cord injury/paralysis
  • Other back and neck injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Lost limbs/amputations
  • Scarring, burning, and disfigurement
  • Fractures/joint injury
  • Deaths

In the meantime, whether it is proper medical care (payable when your case is over) or money to help get you by (again reimbursable when your case is over), we at the Traut Firm have the resources to get it done.

Car Accident Lawyer With a Reputation for Going to Trial

Most of the cases handled by the Traut Firm are referred to us by other attorneys who know our reputation for achieving the best possible results — even in the most challenging personal injury cases. Referring attorneys know we unhesitatingly go to trial when doing so is in our clients’ best interests. They also know that we’ve met with consistent success in state and federal courts.
Even when we don’t go to trial, being fully prepared for trial is critical to a high-value settlement.

Nothing prompts the best settlement offer from your adversary more than the realization that you are willing and ready to go to trial with a relentless, winning lawyer. The insurance companies know which lawyers go to trial and get results, and those who always settle. That knowledge has a huge impact on the amount the insurance carrier is willing to offer in settlement.

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