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So you’ve sustained trauma and burn injuries from an explosion while on the job. The cause was design, mechanical or human failure. That’s for sure. And you’ve been suffering as a result. That’s also for sure.


You need to prove who is responsible so you can be compensated for all of your injuries and losses. Experts are always needed to prove fault in explosion accidents. We have a network of experts that we use to expose the responsible party.


We know all about the impact of catastrophic injuries: the chronic pain, multiple surgeries and extensive therapies. We understand how burns can destroy essential sweat glands and how that prevents the regulation of your body temperature, and how difficult and depressing it can be to deal with disfiguring scars and debilitating nerve damage.


At the Traut Firm, we know these things because we have represented many burn injury victims in lawsuits related to explosions and fires. Jim and Eric have achieved a record of success in serious personal injury and death cases, winning six- and seven-figure jury verdicts and settlements for our clients.


Our experienced legal team can handle everything for you, from beginning to end. Most of our clients have never filed a lawsuit. They resort to legal action only because they have no choice — because burn injuries have impacted their lives so profoundly after an explosion or fire that they desperately need the financial help to move forward with their lives. You deserve compensation for the harm you have experienced, especially if that harm was caused by another’s negligent, reckless or careless actions.


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