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3 People struck by Van on School Crosswalk – 8 Year old Killed

The lives of many children at an Oxnard school will forever be different after 3 people were struck by a van on a crosswalk in front of their school. A 17 year old driver who’s name has not been released yet, had just dropped off a student and as they pulled away from the car rider line, drove up onto the curb killing an 8 year student and injuring 2 others. The student died from cardiac arrest due to injuries from the accident.

The investigation is ongoing. Some say that Sunlight was a major factor at that time of the morning. Drugs and Alcohol are not thought to be the cause but police are waiting for the toxicology report to confirm.

The mother and her child also suffered injuries but should make a full recovery.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims.