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Street Race Results in Wrecked Car

According to O.C. Register, a car that was wrecked in Santa Ana on the morning of Wednesday, Sept 19, may have been in a street race. OCFA firefighters responded to the scene at 12:20 am on the 2060 block of South Ritchey to find a white sedan that was on fire.
Investigators believe the damage to the vehicle was due to a high-speed race. Early reports find that there was evidence of the car losing control, striking a rock on the side of the road, resulting in the accident and damages. No other vehicles were at the scene.
No light has been shed on who owns the vehicle, and it is possible that it was stolen. Early reports state that the driver was found at a hospital in stable enough condition to be interviewed.
To date, there have been no witnesses of the crash.
If you or anyone you know has information on this situation, we recommend you contact the authorities and provide any information available.

Thankfully this car accident did not result in loss of life. If you have been in a car accident and require personal injury representation please contact Traut Firm today for a free case evaluation.